Figuring things out and finally leaving Twitter (again)

I quit Twitter a few weeks ago. My friend Ben saw my anxiety publicly flare up in an argument with a Not-All-Man, sent me the “It’s Time to Stop” GIF on Facebook Messenger, and demanded my login information so he could change it all and lock me out. I did not argue or protest. It … Continue reading Figuring things out and finally leaving Twitter (again)

Things I wish I knew before I started grad school (and j-school again)

When I moved to New York City in the fall of 2016, there were a lot of things I suddenly needed to adjust to. I hadn’t been in school for six years. I had never lived on campus before. I had never lived alone. I felt like during the eight and a half months I … Continue reading Things I wish I knew before I started grad school (and j-school again)

A Cool Girl™ on my own terms

Almost every modern woman goes through the struggle described in the Cool Girl rant of the book Gone Girl. “Why don’t men like me? Am I not thin/funny/smart/chill/hot/guy-like enough? Do I remind them too much of their mothers? Do I come off as too needy or not interesting enough for them? What the hell is the issue?”

The stuff of life: the real reason why it’s so hard for me to get rid of most of it (again)

Like many of my generation, I almost never buy CDs anymore. But I’m confronting hundreds of them and so much of my other stuff because I’m moving again.
Going through all of your life’s possessions is tedious. The idea of going through each item you own, figuring out if it gives you joy and how to get rid of it is exhausting. There are a lot of memories and emotions tied to stuff.

30 things I miss about life in Toronto, despite their (sometimes many) faults

I wrote a listicle about things I miss about my hometown. It’s full of good things, stupid things, and things with complicated feelings. I often think about them while walking around Yellowknife.

When you suddenly realize you are running out of money

It creeps in slowly. Stress about what you can and can’t afford, the “daily deals” emails you automatically delete, the tendency to never leave the house because then you won’t be at risk of accidentally spending something while wandering through a grocery store.