2016! Time to do things!


Why not go on an adventure like dog sledding? (Photo by Karen K. Ho)

Christmas is definitely over, and many people have bought things they either didn’t get or forgot they wanted on Boxing Day. Today, many others are a) thinking about the booze they need to stock up for New Year’s Eve celebrations tonight and/or b) thinking about all the stuff they did this year and how next year can be better. This is the start of peak new gym subscription time, after all.

If you’re a Type-A overly critical person like me, you already know all the stuff you screwed up. This week is also a great time to remember you probably did a lot of good things too.

Personally, I sent out dozens of cool postcards, traveled a bunch, survived longer than I expected in an interesting new job in Yellowknife and wrote some stuff that did much better than I expected.

As for 2016, my goals are pretty simple:

  1. Move to Toronto. (My flight’s at 6am tomorrow morning.)
  2. Pitch places I was scared or nervous about in 2015.
  3. Spend more time with my family.
  4. Move more in a way that makes me happy. Yoga, step class, dance, walking the dog, doesn’t matter. The key part is it has to be fun.
  5. Drink more water. Life is too short to be depressingly hydrated.
  6. Eat more cheese.

If I learn more Spanish or another language, re-start rock climbing, date someone, traveling somewhere far like Barcelona, or end up moving to New York somehow, that’s all a bonus.

I think the problem with New Year’s resolutions is they’re often not fun or we put too much pressure on ourselves and set us up for failure. I actively look forward to everything on my list, it’s pretty low-pressure and everything pushes me forward.

If you have an interesting resolution or something you really want to do this year, I want to hear it. Maybe it’s running a marathon, drinking more green smoothies or getting a promotion. Seeing friends. Learning a new language. Eating a new food. Tell me and then let me know what happens.

Also, I hope one day I have as much confidence as this kid:


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