30 things I miss about life in Toronto, despite their (sometimes many) faults

This listicle is simple: things I miss about my hometown. It’s full of good things, stupid things, and things with complicated feelings. I often think about them while walking around Yellowknife.

Note: It is not in order of importance.

  • The TTC, even waiting for the streetcar at 1 in the morning
  • The LCBO
  • Hipster bars like the Press Club (which is about to close anyway)
  • My Parkdale apartment
  • Trinity-Bellwoods Park in the summer
  • Biking around the Island
  • The abundance of Goodlife gyms
  • The TIFF Bell Lightbox
  • Kensington Market
  • J-town
  • Going to the CNE
  • Big-name Broadway shows at a Mirvish theatres after buying a ticket on sale
  • The variety of ramen shops
  • Inexpensive high-quality Vietnamese, Cantonese and regional Chinese restaurants, especially in the suburbs
  • All the media outlets
  • The people I know who work at those media outlets
  • All the events in the city about the media
  • St. Lawrence Market
  • Porter’s flights from the Island Airport
  • The Rock Oasis (even in its new location)
  • Grand Electric
  • The Momofuku complex, especially its sculpture outside
  • The restaurant scene in general
  • The Toronto Reference Library
  • Architecture gems like the AGO and the TD Towers
  • The number of concert venues, big and small, for indies and superstars
  • The overwhelming number of festivals every weekend in the summer
  • Word on the Street
  • The house I grew up in back in Scarborough
  • My family

1 thought on “30 things I miss about life in Toronto, despite their (sometimes many) faults

  1. Tony

    Totally agree!! After moving to Victoria……boring and slow. People are still very dated with things from health care to basic living. Long wait for any major health care check up and Christy Clark said her province is doing the best with job growth, guess what……all from home construction and Chinese buyers purchasing expensive homes otherwise BC economy is in shit hole!!!!
    Toronto is truly the best city in Canada, multi cultures, variety of art shows, theatres, opera, festival events, the best and bigger gay parade in Canada and we have black people and U hardly see any black people in Victoria and Vancouver.

    Don’t leave TO………I will move back soon!!!!

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