A Dot in the Knife: My First Four Weeks in Yellowknife

It’s the night before my first deadline day filing for both NWT News/North and Nunavut News/North, and I’m trying not to panic. In a few hours, I have to file four more business stories and two collections of briefs. I am still desperately emailing people for interviews for the next morning and already imagining giant holes in the paper. But at this point, my brain is already fried and my handling editor, Josh, has other ideas.

When you suddenly realize you are running out of money

It creeps in slowly. Stress about what you can and can’t afford, the “daily deals” emails you automatically delete, the tendency to never leave the house because then you won’t be at risk of accidentally spending something while wandering through a grocery store.

Longshotmag: Magazine Summer Camp for Grown-Ups

A few nights ago I was looking at a new Longshot Radio project when a thought popped into my head, “Whatever happened to the documentary on Longshot Magazine?”

After a little bit of Googling, I found it.

That’s when the memories started rushing back.