Shimaneko and I are here to tell you what’s up. (Roppongi Hills, Tokyo)

In mid-August of last year, YourMississaugaBiz.com and its sister site YourHamiltonBiz.com were both shut down by Star Media Group. Fifteen people, including myself, were laid off.

Soon afterwards, all of the news articles were removed, leaving no online archive available for the general public or subscribers. As a result, I have uploaded more than 200 articles I wrote for the online business subscription news service here using the tag #yourmississaugabiz.

Since the layoff, I have had the opportunity to become a part of the Asian American Journalists’ Association through their national conference in New York, as well as go on a eye-opening month-long trip to Hong Kong and Japan.

I am now freelancing full-time and available to work on projects. For inquiries about writing, editing or fact-checking, feel free to email me at karen [at] karenho [dot] ca.


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