2016! Time to do things!

Today, many others are a) thinking about the booze they need to stock up for New Year’s Eve celebrations tonight and/or b) thinking about all the stuff they did this year and how next year can be better. This week is also a great time to remember you probably also did a lot of good things too.


30 things I miss about life in Toronto, despite their (sometimes many) faults

I wrote a listicle about things I miss about my hometown. It’s full of good things, stupid things, and things with complicated feelings. I often think about them while walking around Yellowknife.

When you suddenly realize you are running out of money

It creeps in slowly. Stress about what you can and can’t afford, the “daily deals” emails you automatically delete, the tendency to never leave the house because then you won’t be at risk of accidentally spending something while wandering through a grocery store.