Highlights of the new programs at UTM’s School of Continuing Studies

In the last few years, the University of Toronto Mississauga has introduced new programs, classes and space for students in the School of Continuing Studies.

Many have been designed for specifically to address the needs of local residents, nearby companies and key industries in Mississauga, such as pharma, finance, biotechnology and business.

YourMississaugaBiz.com asked SCS assistant director, Phil Schalm, for some of his highlights and what he’s most excited to see at the Mississauga campus this fall.

1. More complete programming in accounting

Students looking to complete all the courses needed for their Certified General Accountant or Certified Management Accountant designation can now do so without having to go to the St. George campus. “That was a big improvement for us,” Schalm said. “Previously we were offering [only] introductory courses.”

2. Certificate in Business Process Management

The program was designed to give people the skills to look at the detailed business processes in an organization in order to refine or improve them. It could be through technology or better utilizing staff resources.

Schalm said students have typically been junior or middle managers being asked to make their teams more efficient, maximizing their talent and increasing growth.

3. Academic Culture & English (ACE)

Introduced two years ago, ACE is designed for students who are residents of Canada and have received conditional acceptance to UTM but require additional English language skills training. Organized in partnership with the Registrar’s office, the program runs full-time in the summer and part-time during the rest of the school year.

Enrolment for this program grew rapidly from 59 students last summer, to 230 the same time this year.

Prices for SCS courses at UTM vary depending on type. Schalm said programs and classes for business are approximately $650-700, whereas the costs of English language offerings is about $300-$350.

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