Kruger Products announces new VP

Mississauga-based tissue maker Kruger Products L.P. has announced Rob Latter as its corporate vice president, for its Away From Home Division and Strategic Planning.

The Minnesota Court company in northwestern Mississauga said the new role will put Latter responsible for the company’s growth in the U.S. and in charge of a division that “is well poised for future expansion.”

“With my team, I intend to navigate these challenges and strengthen our distributor and customer relationships, while continuing to grow our business in new directions,” Latter said in a written statement.

Latter has been with Kruger Inc. for 16 years, starting out as a sales manager for the company’s packaging division. He has a bachelors degree in business administration from Concordia University.

Kruger Products was formerly known as Scott Paper and was acquired in the late 1990s and privatized by Kruger Inc., the private Montreal-based forestry company that started more than a century ago.

The company employs about 2,300 people.

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