And you may find yourself

I’ve been in New York for two weeks. It’s long enough for me to fill a kitchen with the necessities, unpack my stuff, and for things to finally sink in. That I live here. That I go to Columbia. I can plan to do things and see friends weeks from now. The dream is finally real, and now it’s time to get to work.


The stuff of life: the real reason why it’s so hard for me to get rid of most of it (again)

Like many of my generation, I almost never buy CDs anymore. But I’m confronting hundreds of them and so much of my other stuff because I’m moving again.
Going through all of your life’s possessions is tedious. The idea of going through each item you own, figuring out if it gives you joy and how to get rid of it is exhausting. There are a lot of memories and emotions tied to stuff.

30 things I miss about life in Toronto, despite their (sometimes many) faults

I wrote a listicle about things I miss about my hometown. It’s full of good things, stupid things, and things with complicated feelings. I often think about them while walking around Yellowknife.

A Dot in the Knife: My First Four Weeks in Yellowknife

It’s the night before my first deadline day filing for both NWT News/North and Nunavut News/North, and I’m trying not to panic. In a few hours, I have to file four more business stories and two collections of briefs. I am still desperately emailing people for interviews for the next morning and already imagining giant holes in the paper. But at this point, my brain is already fried and my handling editor, Josh, has other ideas.