J-School 2.0 and what I wish I knew the first time

Last night, during Night Twitter, I wrote about being here at Columbia University for my MA program and feeling like I was getting a j-school do-over.

I didn’t talk about how I already feel like I’m slipping a little behind, or have had awkward moments at the library, or how I don’t feel that old compared to other students in my program because many of them are the same age as me or have even more experience.

I just pondered a question H.G. Watson sent out earlier about advice people wish they knew while starting j-school.

And then I wrote out what I could.

You might just be starting an undergraduate or technical college j-school program, in your second year of a master’s, or early in your career. I hope this advice helps you in some way.


2 thoughts on “J-School 2.0 and what I wish I knew the first time

  1. […] in journalism school the first time.” The other student had contacted me during a night I was tweeting out advice and I mentioned the TP-8 to her at the end of our conversation over […]

  2. […] I won’t often be able to do it every day, but I’ve been trying to expand on things I tweet or observe in life, and so far the reaction has been good. In the last few weeks, I’ve written about why it felt¬†so¬†difficult to purge stuff, the emotional and financial cost of moving, rejecting the exhausting expectations by men to be a Cool Girl, my mom helping me move to New York, lessons from nearly setting my oven on fire and advice about journalism school I wish I could have given myself the first time I went. […]

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