On what matters.

Writing is a scary thing. Putting your thoughts, ideas, observations out there for the world to dissect, discuss and dismantle isn´t an easy thing, and anyone who tells you otherwise probably isn´t doing it right or hasn´t received their editor´s notes back yet. So what draws people back to it? To a job one friend … Continue reading On what matters.

A motivation of sorts

I set up this blog many months ago to practice writing and to help me get a job. But then soon after I became scared of publishing entries for fear of judgement and failure despite its small, highly-supportive audience.

But if there’s anything I’ve learned from my improv classes at the Impatient Theatre Company, it’s that this is a safe place for me to try things. I stand to gain more by continuing to try and feel embarrassed about little efforts than hiding and not publishing anything at all.

So why not write interesting postcards about my struggles and attempts in the industry to help keep me going?