A motivation of sorts

I set up this blog many months ago to practice writing and to help me get a job. But then soon after I became scared of publishing entries for fear of judgement and failure despite its small, highly-supportive audience.

But if there’s anything I’ve learned from my improv classes at the Impatient Theatre Company, it’s that this is a safe place for me to try things. I stand to gain more by continuing to try and feel embarrassed about little efforts than hiding and not publishing anything at all.

So you’ll see a new series of stories. Some will be clippings I recently published or finally found online. Others will be new commentary on current events and pop culture, like the excellent ones done by Karon Liu.

But finally, the last story idea I have will allow for me to communicate more with others offline as well as publicly track my efforts in the journalism industry.

In my travels, I’ve always collected postcards. I’ve offered to mail them to friends from places like Jamaica, Italy, Paris and Germany. Everyone likes getting something in the mail that’s not a bill or flier advertisement. But very rarely do I get responses back.

So after finding about two dozen of them in my room I’m offering up the chance for people to receive postcards and letters in the mail again. We can be friends already, know each other on twitter or total strangers. I’m willing to send things anywhere in the world. Most will include how I’m doing in my career, such as my recent audition with Muchmusic. But there will also be funny stories about my life, comments about news, music or any other reasonable request.

I only ask that some sort of reply be sent through the mail. And those who don’t will have their postcards put up on the blog.

In the age of Twitter, Facebook, email, instant messaging and even ubiquitous cell phones, it feels like letters, postcards and penpals have almost been wiped out. Let’s bring them back.

You can send me your address at email [dot] karen [at] gmail [dot] com, message me on twitter at @karenkho, or commenting below.


3 thoughts on “A motivation of sorts

  1. @photojunkie recommended I follow you on Twitter, so I have. I really like this blog post too!

    Aaron (@bizaaron)

  2. Hannah

    Don’t be scurred. When you write about yourself and you’re *kinda embarrassed* – that’s when you know you’re doing it right.

  3. The beauty of pseudonyms….

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