Bramalea City Centre faces $1.5 million lawsuit

After more than five years of waiting, Brampton real estate company Morguard Corporation has been given a court date in a $1.5 million lawsuit.

The case, which was brought by Brampton resident Monica James, will be before a jury on May 5 next year.

James alleges she suffered a serious fall at the Bramalea City Centre in December 2006 and claims she sustained multiple and permanent injuries when she slipped on debris that was left on the floor.

James is suing, Bramalea City Centre Equities Inc., mall owner Morguard, and Hurley Corporation, the mall’s cleaning contractor, for $1.5 million in damages due to negligence.

The three defendants deny the claims, and say the plaintiff’s accident was not due to negligence on their part.

James is represented by Andrew M. Lee.

Fiona M. Brown is representing all three defendants.

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