Mississauga transit slammed with hefty lawsuit

File: Mississauga transit buses
(Toronto Star/Andrew Wallace)

The City of Mississauga is being sued for $1 million by a local resident for injuries sustained during an accident on a MiWay bus.

Mississauga resident Susan Knapp, 56, alleges she suffered numerous injuries when the driver of the MiWay bus she was on tried to avoid a collision with a car and suddenly stopped.

She is suing the City of Mississauga, the owners of MiWay Transit, for damages.

In their statement of defence, the City of Mississauga denies the allegations and the claim that Knapp be entitled to damages.

In court documents, the city claims Knapp failed to ensure her own safety by holding onto available safety bars, and request she not be awarded costs.

The city also claims that Knapp was “the author of her own misfortune” denying Knapp suffered the alleged injuries and claims she had a pre-existing history of illness and failed to mitigate her damages, “if any.”

The City of Mississauga is represented by civil litigation lawyer Ian A. Mair.

Susan Knapp is represented by personal injury lawyer Jeffrey Preszler.

Knapp is also suing the driver of the bus and the driver of the car involved in the incident.

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