Mississauga faces $1 million lawsuit from 2011 bus accident

The City of Mississauga is being sued for $1 million by a Brampton man who alleges he received serious injuries from a 2011 accident on a city MiWay bus.

Omar Bennett  accuses an unnamed MiWay bus driver of braking hard on a journey he took nearly two years ago, resulting in Bennett being thrown from his seat, “hitting his head and body very hard” and suffering serious long-term injuries.

Ontario Superior Court documents state the incident took place on June 9, 2011 in northern Mississauga near Hurontario Street and Highway 407.

As a result, Bennett was taken by ambulance to the emergency department of Credit Valley Hospital where he was prescribed medication.

The court documents also state Bennett has undergone medical treatment, including MRI and CT scans, surgery, pain management programs, therapy, rehab and physiotherapy.

The lawsuit alleges severe economic losses as a result of the incident, resulting in lost income, greater expenses and his inability to keep a steady job because of his  disability.

It also notes he “has suffered a frustrated career path” and an inability to perform heavy household and handyman chores as a result of the accident.

The documents also state the liabilities of the unnamed bus driver and MiWay, formerly Mississauga Transit, include failing to maintain the bus under proper control, careless and recklessness, lack of proper training, inexperience, creating a situation of danger, operating without corrective lenses, and operating the bus while dialing or talking on a cellphone.

Bennett is claiming out-of-pocket expenses for attendant care and emergency travel. He also claimed to have suffered numerous injuries, including various strains, bruising, neck pain, severe lower back pain and reduced range of motion.

Bennett is claiming $300,000 for non-pecuniary damages — essentially pain and suffering — and $700,000 for pecuniary damages, or loss of income.

He is represented by accident injury lawyer Geoffory Pavillet.

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