Do not be afraid to ask for help

I’m going to see a career counselor tomorrow. I figured out last week I don’t really know exactly what I want to do next, just that I have a bunch of rough ideas and I haven’t fully committed to anything, which makes it hard to focus.

Luckily, a good friend of mine works at the career counseling centre at my alma mater. He was the one who helped me figure out my initial plan to quit my job and travel. Now he’s going to help me plan the next step.

From my experience the career counseling services at many universities and colleges are some of the most underused yet valuable services offered. The University of Toronto is nice enough to provide career counseling sessions to alumni up to two years after graduation among its sessions on study tips, resume writing, and its extern program.

If you’re a twenty-something recent grad like me who’s not exactly sure what to do next, feel like you need a change or want guidance on whether your current job is right for you, an appointment with a career counselor is definitely worth your time. And in many cases, doesn’t cost you anything.

Asking your friends, family, mentors or industry colleagues for advice can
certainly help, but a career counselor is experienced enough to help you figure things out and provide guidance from helping many people in the same position.

Who else has helped you figure out your career? Let me know in the comments.


1 thought on “Do not be afraid to ask for help

  1. jl

    So? what happened!?

    Have you given any thought to a journalism / magazine startup? I was quite impressed with your “business journalism” post.

    Hit me up for some ideas.

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