New shared president of hospital foundation will focus on new donation sources

Steve Hoscheit, the new president and chief fundraiser and for Credit Valley Hospital Foundation and Trillium Health Foundation will target large donations that will help finance research at Mississauga hospitals.

Hoscheit said even with his new title, he is still focused on raising the largest amount of funds possible.

“We want to maintain our existing revenue generation levels between the two foundations, but also seek ways to support the new Trillium Health Partners,” Hoscheit told

Hoscheit said the completed merger also created a huge fundraising opportunity for his team. “This is Canada’s largest, community-based academic health network,” he said. “Now there’s a whole other level that we can aspire to through research and our academic affiliation.”

Being such a big player now on a national level and additional focus on research also opens TPM up to new avenues of donations. “If you look at the tops gifts in Canada of $10 million and over, they’re almost all exclusively invested in research.”

Hoscheit said in his new role he would also continue working on the “Giving 110 per cent” fundraising campaign that started two years ago. It recently hit the $70 million mark of its $110 million goal. “We’ve basically doubled revenue in the last three to four years,” he said.

The brand Trillium Health Partners was created last November through the merger of three local healthcare sites: Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga Hospital and the Queensway Health Centre.

This new status also puts TPM on a different playing field when it comes to Queen’s Park in terms of resource allocation, Hoscheit said, citing the 1,250,000 annual patient visits. “It’s extraordinary,” he said. “Largest emergency urgent care volume in Canada.”

Previously, Hoscheit was the president and CEO of the Trillium Health Centre Foundation for five years. And over the last year and a half, Hoscheit worked closely with the Credit Valley Hospital Foundation’s president and CEO, Kathy Hay. However, Hay left in March for a position at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Prior to his position he was president and CEO of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation in Calgary. Hoscheit was also a senior vice-president at consulting company Ketchum Canada, covering Western Canada and capital campaigns for non-profits.

Credit Valley Hospital Foundation and Trillium Health Centre Foundation are responsible for the fundraising and support of the recently rebranded Trillium Health Partners (TPM).

With Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga Hospital and Queensway Health Centre, TPM is the one of the largest community-based academically affiliated acute care facilities in the country. It also has a teaching affiliation with the Mississauga Academy of Medicine at UTM.


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