Fortress Real Developments hires industry vet Ben Myers

Real estate company Fortress Real Developments recently expanded to Mississauga and just announced it hired Ben Myers as its senior vice president of market research and analytics.

“Ben is one of the most knowledgeable analysts in the real estate industry and we are thrilled to have him onboard with Team Fortress,” said President and CEO Jawad Rathore in a statement.

“With one of the country’s leading experts on market research in house, it will allow Fortress to move more quickly and efficiently to capitalize on the best opportunities in the Canadian market for us, for our partners and for all those participating in our business process.”

Prior to his appointment at Fortress, Myers spent more than 12 years in market research and analysis in Toronto and Dallas and was executive vice president at condo market research company Urbanation.

While Fortress is based in Richmond Hill, the company operates a 6,000 square foot office in Mississauga on Traders Boulevard. That office, Fortress Distribution Services, employs 30 people and is a wholesale firm designated by Centro Mortgage Inc. to market the syndicate mortgage investment product “Fortress Real Capital.”

A syndicate mortgage is a type of investment that gives investors protection on their principal with a fixed term and predetermined interest rate. In this licensed financial transaction, it is typical for investors to join others to lend to profitable large scale real estate developments all over Canada.

Fortress Real Developments has 34 active projects in nine major Canadian cities, including three in Brampton.



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