Vital Insights announces software rollout with Kia

Mississauga specialty software company Vital Insights recently announced the launch of new customer experience and feedback software for Kia Motors America’s 765 U.S. dealerships.

The real-time resolution management platform, named Foresight, was tested during a year-long pilot program at 32 Kia dealerships.

During that period Foresight was able to reduce issue resolution time to less than two days.

“These results point to the success of our technology and our leadership in the industry,” Vital Insights president and CEO Jason Tryfon said in a statement. “We look forward to bringing this technology to all Kia dealerships across the U.S.”

“Foresight’s ability to fully integrate with Kia’s system and provide unprecedented transparency into real-time customer feedback, empowered our pilot program dealerships to quickly and effectively respond to customer requests, in real time,” said Kia Motors America vice president of service and aftersale operations, John Crowe.

Vital Insights specializes in customer experience management software for automotive companies around the world. Headquartered in Mississauga on Courtney Park Drive West, the company also has offices in Hamburg, Prague and Colorado.


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