Novo Nordisk remains focused on new treatments

Mississauga-based diabetes care company Novo Nordisk Canada Inc. operates in a huge and growing market for its insulin products but remains focused on new treatment techniques as it celebrates three decades of business in Canada.

While it researches a cure for the disease, the Skymak Ave. drug producer carries out further research and is focused on expanding use of its new insulin-delivery pen it says makes it easier for diabetics to inject themsves with insulin.

For corporate relations manager Jeremy Brace, the Danish-owned  company – the world’s biggest insulin maker – will keep striving for a cure and fund diabetes research as “our primary focus.”

In the meantime, the rapid growth in the number of diabetics – three million in Canada alone – means the company will have a solid market for its insulin products while it carries out further research.

“We’ll continue to innovate and find creative ways to make insulin therapy easier for patients,” he told

Last fall, the company released its new prefilled insulin pen, the Novorapid FlexTouch on the Canadian market. “It doesn’t have an extendible push,” Brace explained, “And because you don’t have to push very hard, it’s more comfortable and far easier for people to use.”

Insulin pens are becoming a growing and competitive segment of the diabetic care market, replacing the old-fashioned small vials filled with insulin and separate needles to inject the life-saving drug.

Employees at Novo Nordisk’s Mississauga headquarters have been handling the sales, marketing and distribution of the new pen in Canada.

But as for the current fiscal crisis facing many Canadian provincial healthcare budgets, Brace was diplomatic in the Danish healthcare company’s future approach. “I think it’s important that they have an opportunity to apply the care that’s needed in their provinces,” he said. “When we’re looking at what’s best for patients we look at what our treatments provide and ensuring there’s good value for that.”

Novo Nordisk, known for its injectable insulin products Novolog and NovoRapid, is the world’s largest diabetes care company based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The company makes many types of insulin, insulin injector pens and other delivery systems.

In addition to producing almost half of the world’s supply of insulin, Novo Nordisk also researches and develops treatments for coagulation disorders, growth disorders and hormone replacement therapy.

Besides new types of insulin and related drugs, many pharmaceutical companies, including Brampton-based Medtronic of Canada Ltd., are looking into insulin pumps and other technologies to cope with the soaring incidence of diabetes in Canada and around the world.

Established in 1983, Novo Nordisk Canada Inc.’s employ about 70 to 80 people at its Mississauga headquarters. The company employs about 200 salespeople across the country.

Recently the company earned the distinction of being named a top employer in the Greater Toronto Area by Mediacorp Canada Inc.


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