SteriPro expects rapid growth from Women’s College partnership

SteriPro’s new partnership with Women’s College Hospital is helping further cement the Mississauga company’s reputation, increase staff and lead to new business in the future.

But SteriPro’s director of business development and client relations Peter Roman told the company’s partnership with Mississauga’s Trillium Health Partners was integral to getting their new partnership with Women’s College Hospital.

“Their recognized leadership in the GTA in the Ontario hospital sector for innovation and their quality partnerships certainly assisted SteriPro with our other clients,” he said, referring to the THP hospitals as ‘trailblazers’. “What we’re doing, this has never before been done in Canada.”

SteriPro reprocesses and sterilizes medical instruments used in surgical and medical procedures for hospitals and healthcare institutions in the GTA.

Roman said that SteriPro had only had a partnership with Credit Valley Hospital and Trillium Health Centre for one year before the company started working with Women’s College Hospital.

Trillium Health Partners was one of SteriPro’s first clients. With Women’s College on board, the company now operates at six locations: Trillium Health Partners’ three hospitals and Humber River Hospital’s two sites.

Roman said that the company was very proud to be located in Mississauga, calling SteriPro a local success. “Many of our staff and management team live here,” he said. “We’re extremely pleased to be part of the community and to be a strong employer in the neighbourhood.”

In the last two years, the company has been rapidly hiring to deal with the growing number of partnerships. “In October 2011 we had approximately 42 staff members and now we have approximately 165,” said SteriPro human resources manager Russell Bagnato.

“Most of the staff come directly from the Ontario hospital sector or the healthcare industry,” said Bagnato.

Roman said SteriPro is so dedicated to local business it has partnered with Mississauga-based World Specialty Transport for their services.

While SteriPro recently created a new work location on Northwest Drive, Bagnato said there currently isn’t a huge labour pool for reprocessing technicians, as these were activities that used to be done in hospitals. “We had to create new positions and hire new graduates from a Centennial College program,” he said.

“But we have created new jobs in Mississauga,” added Roman.

Roman said SteriPro would also have other new business in the upcoming months. “We will be partnering with more hospitals and community healthcare providers in the GTA,” he said. “We are looking forward to continuing to assist hospitals with improved patient safety and quality care.”

Prior to his position as director of business development and client relations at SteriPro over the past two years, Roman was program manager of supply chain strategies at the Ontario Hospital Association.

Based in Mississauga, SteriPro has 165 employees across the GTA. Approximately 80-100 employees are based at Trillium Health Centers’ three sites and the company’s head office on Northwest Drive just off of Airport Road.


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