Big news!

I wrote recently how I thought I wasn’t really sure what to do next after coming back from South America. I applied for a few jobs and things, but they all didn’t work out (bad fit, didn’t get hired, irrational inner fear).

A few weeks ago I made an appointment with my friend Michael the career counselor. He helped me realized I knew exactly what I wanted to do next and think about what I would do if I wasn’t worried I would fail.

I am THRILLED to let you know that I will be doing an eight-week internship at the Financial Post starting on Monday. I am incredibly excited to work there. I am already nervous about the first day, but the kind of good nervous you get when you don’t know what awesome things might happen.

I also recently passed the Canadian Securities Course, after lots of late nights studying and rambling to people on Twitter about hedge funds. It was super-crazy-close, but the important thing is I did it, and I am going into my internship with at least a decent foundation of knowledge about the markets, commodities, and how to read a company’s annual financial report.

When I realized last year I wanted to change my life, I blogged about how quitting my job was Step 1, travelling was Step 2, and returning to journalism was Step 3. I soon figured out financial reporting was my real passion and so I feel incredibly lucky to have this opportunity to work at the Financial Post. I’m also fortunate to have two very supportive parents, who have helped me immensely and supported me through this journey of transition and change.


2 thoughts on “Big news!

  1. Congrats! I know it’s not quite like my path and virtually starting from scratch, but…
    That first foot in the door is sometimes all you need. Hopefully this is it.

  2. jlin

    Congrats on passing the CSC! Happy writing/journalism-ing/interning/reporting!

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