Inca Trail: Tips for thriving and surviving Peru’s most famous hike

Poncho rainbow!
My group at the very start of the Inca Trail in October 2011.

When I signed up to do the Inca Trail, I didn’t really know what Machu Picchu was, I didn’t know much about Peru, and it was more than 10 years ago since I last did any real hiking.

That in mind, I researched the hell out of the trail, polled my friends, and even did an extremely expensive Colca Canyon tour the week prior to train my body.

This guide will tell you what I packed, preparation tips, trail stuff and things you wish people told you, but rarely do. I hope it helps you on your own journey through the mountains.

Page 1: You’re going to need a lot of stuff. Seriously.

Page 2: How to make the most out of your gear.

Page 3: Five Things Worth Fighting For (And Why)

Page 4: Seven Super-Useful Multi-Purpose Travel Tools

Page 5: This is going to hurt now, so it doesn’t hurt later. (Coming soon)

Page 6: The Trail Itself: You’re Not in Cuzco Anymore (Coming soon)

Bonus: In a rush? Here’s my top 25 tips for doing the Inca Trail.


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