Look ma, I have priorities

Prepped ingredients for cookies I was planning to make earlier this week.

For the last few days, I have often thought about baking something. I have all the supplies needed for various cookies, brownies or cakes. But then I looked at my computer, sat down, and start working again.

The logic was simple: I could bake something. Or I could do something that would help me get work and pay my bills.

Even though I’m good at baking and enjoy it immensely, it doesn’t really contribute to my long term career plans. Right now, the most important things for me to do are pitching stories, studying my Canadian Securities Course, and applying to any prospective jobs. Then after 6pm I try to get out of the house, see friends, rock climb, or attend networking events.

Sure, baking is a delicious hobby and it’s fun to have that kind of skill on the side. And sometimes I do feel bad when I show up to the gym or an event empty-handed and people ask if I have desserts with me. But everyone generally understands that setting up your own business is hard work, and that I need to invest as much time as I can into my writing career.

I used to bake because I thought it was cheaper than buying something from the LCBO. Now I realize my time is far more valuable. Ultimately, I’m trying to make my worth in words, not in flour.


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