I arrived!

Karen’s first few hours in Lima, Peru through photos:


This is all the clothing I packed. Somehow I managed to colour-coordinate everything to grey, turquoise, light green and cream. It was a total accident. Also, taking photos of all this stuff helps me keep track of what I brought in case anything gets stolen.


I use Ziplock bags to organize everything. I’m kind of addicted to them.

I passed out during my flight to Miami. From Miami to Lima, I sat next to a really funny American-Japanese diplomat. We hit it off and chatted the entire time. And the airplane food didn’t suck.


This is the fruit salad I ate for breakfast in the hostel. At Loki Backpackers, I met a wonderful woman named Lizzy from London who gave me lots of tips about things to do and introduced me to other people.

Feel free to send me suggestions on things to do and see in South America. I’ll be going to Arequipa soon for the condors and hiking at Colca Canyon.


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