Twitter lesson of the day

If there’s one thing I’ve quickly learned about spreading word of your blog through twitter, it’s that people are more likely to click on a link to your blog if you advocate its value much more than it’s author. That being said, humour also helps gets you clicks.

I’m more likely to get readers with these:
@karenkho: A response, some advice and more insight – Some valuable lessons from blogging feedback:

@karenkho: While it doesn’t replace a great editor, blogging does give me great, valuable feedback worth blogging about. (How meta.)

Than simply writing this:
I just updated my blog about getting comments about writing about Wayson Choy visiting my school. Check it out. *link*

The first two make the entry sound more relevant to a wider audience than just friends – be it other journalists, writers, and other bloggers in general. Also, the focus is moved away from simply being an experience in my life to a life lesson that I think is valuable and worth passing on to other people.


2 thoughts on “Twitter lesson of the day

  1. This might be a bit difficult if you’re using a WordPress plugin to automatically tweet your posts.

    For example, I use WordTwit and in the tweet template it only gives the option of inserting the link and title. There’s no way of inserting, say, a small excerpt or description particular to the post that’s being tweeted.

    But this makes me think: why can’t there be?

  2. I really enjoy your posts and find them very helpful. I’m very new to the blogging world and learning about it as I go. I don’t tweet as I have a facebook and mixi (Japanese social networking site) accounts and I feel I can’t manage another one. I have noticed that all the bloggers I read regularly have a tweeter account and now I understand why they do. Thank you for your insight.

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