Things I wrote recently

I’m officially in Week 4 of my internship at the Financial Post and things are definitely humming. I have stories on the go, I’m pitching regularly and every day I’m still wondering how much I can soak up in the next few weeks. Summer is practically flying by.

I go to work with a mix of fear and absolute joy. It’s the anxiety of not doing enough or well enough and also the kick I still get when I call people and say, “Hello, my name is Karen and I’m a reporter with the National Post.”

Sometimes I write things and they require immense amounts of fixing, other times they do not. But one of the fun parts about what I do is that I never really know what I might write next. And I’m learning all the time.

Small stories snaps up interactive Web startup GoInstant
Canadians more positive about RIM than rest of the world: Infomart
Dollarama rolls out higher-priced items early
Strong box office, rapid expansion power jump in Imax Q2 profit
CIBC hikes price target on Agnico-Eagle Mines by 19%

Big-awesome-crazy feature
“Fifty Shades of Grey” sets fetish industry sales on fire


1 thought on “Things I wrote recently

  1. jlin

    Have you read 50 shades? I’m so biased against it because a good friend of mine says it’s garbage.

    For something risque, try Tamara Faith Berger’s Maidenhead.

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